Access Google For New Feature Of Let It Snow

“Let it snow” is the new feature introduced by Google Incorporation to display a snowy winter effect on the main web page of Google Search. This company is a U.S based digital design and Software Company which offers a number of digital products to facilitate its customers such as google docs, Gmail, google talk, google plus, google search engine and many more. Most of its products are available to its customers for free such as Gmail and google docs. The company currently has more than 50,000 employees and is aiming to hire more employees to deal with the software bugs and problems all over the world. The company was found in 1998 by two Stanford University students and has grown to be one of the most popular search engines all over the world.


Google has a number of customized features and display screens programmed by google users as well as enployees to wish everyone a very special event. One such occasion is winter. In order to use the snowing effect offered by Google, follow the steps listed as under:

  • Open the official web page of Google Inc. which is
  • Type the phrase “Let it snow” in the search bar and click the search button.
  • This sentence leads the user to the snowy winter display where snowflakes come out of the top of the screen and gather at the bottom. The main screen appears like a frozen foggy glass of a window.
  • You can enjoy this theme for as much time as you want. The theme disappears when the computer pointer is moved from its stationary place.

Google is famous for making themed based navigation displays on its search window such as displays for chiristmas, independence days of different countries and other occasions and main events in history.