Access Sears To Apply For Sear’s Credit Card Online

The Sears is a head in the sector store business. It has 2000 locations in the region of the United States and many other countries. Sears credit card permits you to get rewards points at any time you shop at the store. You can use the card in stores, over the phone or online. You will be able to get all varieties of special discounts on different types of goods.


Before apply, you are required to fulfill the given below requirements:

  • You require an operating system along with reliable internet connection.
  • You need to have a Social Security Number.
  • User must be of 18 years old or above.

Complete Procedure To Apply For Sears’s Credit Card Online:

  • Firstly visit the official website of the Sears Credit Card by assessing the given link to apply for credit card.
  • As you get an access to the homepage you have to click on the tab labeled as “Get details and apply” located at the center of the web page.
  • Click on the button entitled as “Apply now” to carry on the process.
  • In the next step you are required to provide your personal information, SSN and financial information into the given fields.
  • If you want to save your Sears Card with Account Care click on the related boxes.
  • Now click on the boxes to point out that you have agreed and read the terms and conditions of the company.
  • Lastly, you have to click on the tab which is labeled as “Continue”.
  • Follow the further instructions if you have been permitted to collect a card.
  • You have to include any further card options and then complete the application procedure.

Card Benefits:

You will be able to get rewards point for every dollar you spend by shopping at Sears with Sear’s credit card and get discounts on different types of goods.

Earn $100 Bonus On Chase Freedom Credit Card

Chase is a financial service provider that is striving to provide the best financial and credit services to the customers. If you are planning to get your own credit card you are on the right place. Through freedom card you will enjoy rewards points.


  • Personal information
  • Financial information
  • Contact information
  • Security information

How To Earn Reward Points?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Access the homepage to start the application and click on “Credit Cards” tab at the top of the page.
  • Choose the “Chase Freedom” card option and click on “Learn More” green button.
  • Read the benefits and features of the card and click on “Apply Now” green button.
  • Begin to fill out the credit card application with the required accurate data.
  • Read the terms and the privacy notice before applying and continue to apply if you are satisfied with the conditions
  • In first step of the application you have to provide your personal information.
  • Check the box to identify your clear credit history.
  • Enter your first name. If you like to use your middle name as your first name, enter your middle name as your first name.
  • Enter your middle name but this is not a required field and can be left bank.
  • Enter your last name and suffix name.
  • Enter your mailing address. Type your address 1 and address 2.
  • Enter Apt number or the unit number.
  • Enter five numbers of your zip code. If available system will fill out the city and state name.
  • Click on “Next” button.
  • Enter your financial information in the second step.
  • Third step relates to your contact and security information.
  • Select the additional features for your card.
  • Review your application and send online.

Check the confirmation for the acceptance of your application, once you get your card you will be able to get the 5% cash back on your $1500 purchases.

Your Feedback In Shoe Carnival Can Gives You $200 Gift Card

Shoe carnival is a footwear manufacturer company that provides the quality products and best customer services. This is the leading apparel store founded in 1978 in the United States. There are about 370 branches. Give your feedback in the online survey at the website and tell about your experience. You can win $200 gift card in the sweepstakes results at the end of the survey period.


  • Internet connection is required
  • You must be 18 years old to participate into the online sweepstakes.
  • You must be a legal residence.
  • Keep the valid sales receipt handy

How To Enter Into The Sweepstakes?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Access the homepage to continue with the survey. Click on “Next” button.
  • Enter the information your receipt you got at the time of your visit.
  • Enter the store number in the first field. This information is required to identify the location and store.
  • Enter the sales date. You can see the date at your receipt.
  • Enter the transaction number. You can get the number from your receipt.
  • Click on “Next” button.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the questionnaire. Give your honest and candid answers in your feedback.

With your participation into the online survey you will be entered into the monthly lucky draw of $200. Draw will be held at the end of the month and a random winner will be selected. If you will be  a winner you will be informed at the contact information you provided earlier at the end of the survey.

Nike Store Survey Is An Invitation To Grab $5 Gift Card

Nike is a multinational company located in United States. The company is dedicated to design and manufacture apparels, footwear and accessories and engaged in the marketing and selling of the products. Your feedback is important for the improvement in the product, services and the environment of the store when you visit next time. Follow the steps to enter into the sweepstakes and join the winners.


  • Web access for online entry
  • You must be 13 years old
  • The survey is open only for the legal residents of United States

How To?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Visit the website and access the home page to participate in the online survey.
  • To continue you have to provide the valid ID number that will be given on your receipt. Look at your receipt and enter the ID number into the given space,
  • Click on the “Begin Survey” button.
  • Start answering the question given in the survey form. You have to honest in your response and give sincere suggestions for improvement in the customer services.

Complete the survey and submit with your personal and contact information. This information is required to contact you to inform the results of the survey. Provide your valid current email address you will be informed through this email address. You can opt in toget a $5 gift card.

Bi Lo Invites You In Survey To Win $450 Gift Card

Southeastern Grocers Company owns the BI-Lo that is a grocery retailer in United States. There are 690 stores through the state. It is important for the company to get idea about the satisfaction of the customers regarding products and services. Excellence of customer services and quality products are the reasons to attract the customers and retain the loyalty. Join the survey and express your opinion by giving voice to your thoughts and views. You can win $450 gift card as reward in the sweepstakes.


  • Participant must be 21 years of age or alder
  • Legal residents are allowed to participate
  • Must have the valid receipt

How To Participate?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Access the home page to join the program online at the website.
  • Enter the code into the specified box on the webpage to continue with the survey. The code will be written on the bottom of your receipt. Enter 18 digits accurately to continue in the survey.
  • Click on “Start” green button.
  • Fill out the survey form with your honest and candid opinions, thoughts and reviews.

Upon the completion of your survey participation you will be automatically entered into the sweepstakes. If you are 21 years old or older you can enter in the survey to avail this opportunity.

Become Best Buy Credit Card Member & Get 6% Cash Back In Reward

Best buy offers 6% cash back in reward programs to their card members. If you have a credit card go to the website and register to use card online and enjoy benefits and flexible financing. Follow the steps to use the card online.


  • You must be 18 years old or over to apply
  • A valid SSN or driver’s license number or the photo ID number

How To Use The Card Online?

  • ·         Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Click on “Apply Now” yellow button at the center of the webpage.
  • You will be directed to the new window where you can apply for your membership online.
  • Enter your email address and password into the required fields to sing in.
  • If you don’t have sign in access, click on “Get Started” blue button to create your account to use the card online.
  • Start filling the registration form and begin with your personal information.
  • Enter your current email address. This email address is required for electronic communication.
  • Enter your member ID number. This number is given to you when you join the reward program.
  • Enter your first name and last name. You can enter your MI and suffix, but these are nor necessary to provide.
  • Enter your street address, enter current valid address as it is required for the identification purpose. Enter Apt. number.
  • Type the name of your city, select your state and enter zip code in to the respective fields.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter your financial information, mention your total annual income.
  • Select your residential status form the menu list and enter the monthly rent or mortgage payment.
  • Identify the total time period at the current residence.
  • Next provide the security information, your date of birth, social security number, photo ID type, driver’s license number, state and expiration date.
  • Check the box to manage the account online.
  • Check the boxes to accept the terms and conditions regarding your personal information and rate, fee and other cost information.
  • Click on “Continue” button.
  • Verify your information.

Check email to verify the confirmation and approval status of your application. Once your application is approved you can use your card online to pay your bills online, manage account activities, check balance information as well as review the schedule payments.

Sign Up For SunTrust Online Banking Account

SunTrust bank is a banking holding company founded in 1985 that is providing financial services in America through online banking. Mobile banking, personal checking and personal credit cards accounts.  Through online banking enrollment you will be able to pay your bills online, transfer your funds from and to your account, mobile banking, e-bills and much more.


  • Account number
  • Social security number
  • check card number and PIN

How To?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Access the home page by following the above link. Go to the “Banking” tab at the top of the page and click on “Online Banking” link form the menu list.
  • Click on “Sign Up Now” button to create your online account.
  • Read the eligibility and requirements for enrollment and make sure that you are able to fulfill the entire requirement. Identify how you get start with online banking.
  • If you select “account number” to get start, enter your social security number in the first field of the online enrollment form. Enter only last 5 digits of your SSN.
  • Choose the type of your account form the drop down menu.
  • Enter your account number. Only checking, saving, money market and loan account are valid.
  • Enter the zip code. Your zip code must be 5 digit code of the mailing address that is associated with your account.
  • Click on “Continue” enrollment.
  • If you get start with the check card, enter the last 5 digits of social security number, check number , check card PIN, last 4 digits of your account number of checking, saving or money market only. Click on “Continue Enrollment” button.
  • If you get started with credit card, entre social security number, credit card number, zip code, card expiration date and security code in the respective fields.
  • Click on “Continue Enrollment” button.
  • Next provide the security information, check services and agreement. Accept the agreement to complete the application.

Check the confirmation of your account. Check email to confirm that your account application has been approved. If you received an email with the security access code, you have already signed up for the online banking account, follow the steps to complete your enrollment.

Access Power Up Rewards To Earn 30% Extra In Store Credit

GameStop Corporation is a retailer that deals in video games, software and entertainment products. Founded in 1984 and now operates its business in 6627 locations. Power UP rewards is a reward program that is offered to the loyal customers to retain the loyalty. Different rewards offers are listed in the online reward catalog. See the catalog and select the reward of your choice. Follow the steps to go for rewards.


  • Web access for online application
  • Valid email address and password

How To Get Reward?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Follow the link and access the homepage of the website.
  • Click on “Go to Rewards” button at right hand side on the center of the webpage to visit the reward catalog.
  • Select “30% Extra In Store Credit” reward.
  • Sign in to your account with registered email address and password.
  • Click on “Create Account Now” red button.
  • Enter a valid email address in the first field.
  • Enter a unique password for the protection of your account. Your password must have at least 8 characters.
  • Type your password again for the confirmation.
  • Click on “Create Account” red button.
  • Sign in to your account and follow the steps to get your reward successfully.

Registered members are allowed to access the reward program. If you don’t have account, nothing to worry about, you can create your account to apply for the rewards. You can get 30% extra in store credit with just few clicks.

Access My Balance Now To View Card Balance Online

Target visa gifts card are issued by the Target bank or the Bancorp bank. If you have prepaid card or gift card you can easily check its balance and account history online on a website. You just need to keep your card handy and provide the card number, expiration date and CCV to view the remaining balance of your card.


  • Internet access to visit the website
  • Accurate card number
  • Expiration date
  • CCV

How To Access?

  • Visit the website by following the link at .
  • Fill out the required field with the accurate information to access your account history.
  • Enter your valid card number in the first field. Double check your number, if your number doesn’t match with the records you will not be able to access the services. Trace the number form your card.
  • Enter the expiration date of your card. You can find the date on your card.
  • Enter the CCV. This is the security number that will be given at the back of your card.
  • Click on “Go” button.

By following the above steps you will be able to access your account history, records and balance information online. This is very convenient and simple to keep the record of your card and you can check the balance of your card anytime anywhere.

Access USAA Mutual Funds Investment Account Online

USAA is a company which offers a great many products and services to their customers. Those who sign up can choose from programs that focus on banking and other financial aspects, insurance policies, investments, and other advice and consulting resources. The company covers such a wide range of services that you would do well to take a good look at the website to discover everything available to you. At some point you may want to sign up for an account. One such option is to take advantage of mutual funds investing. Follow these easy instructions to follow through with signing up.


  • Simply typing into the address bar on your web browser will get you started.
  • Scroll down the page to the place where there are several columns with a series of links. Look under the heading that says “Investments” and click the link that says “Mutual Funds.”
  • You can see some good information on this page. There are also a variety of resources to help you get started, such as free advice and the option to explore different funds. When you have looked over everything click the button that says “Open an Account.”


If you are not sure how to continue, you can always click on the link to “Get a Recommendation” and an expert will guide you through the process.

  • So first thing’s first. Do you have an account already? If so, click the option that specifies that and you will be taken to a page where you can log on. All you will have to do afterwards is add a mutual funds account to your portfolio of services.
  • If you don’t have an account of any sort opened already, choose the option that specifies “No.”
  • This means you have to establish online access. A couple of questions will pop up, the first of which asks to know about your military affiliation.
  • After making your selection, the next page asks you for some personal and contact information. Fill out every space accurately and hit “Continue.”


If you need help, you can click on the button at the top of the screen that says “Reach a Representative.” You may choose to have someone call you, or you can view the number to dial yourself.

  • You will be taken through the final steps to open your account. From there you can establish your account or use any other service the company provides.

Thank you for enrolling! You are sure to be satisfied with any of the services you choose to be a part of, Luckily, you can get a number of services in one place to streamline your financial, insurance, and investment management!

Restart Oregon Unemployment Claim File Online

The State of Oregon Employment Department allows its residents to accomplish a number of government- and work-related tasks online. To see all that they offer, first visit. This is the home page of the department’s site, and you will notice that you are able to search for jobs, file claims for benefits, and research information along with other resources all from the website. One of the goals you may have is to file a claim for unemployment. More specifically you may need to re-file, meaning that you have become unemployed again after a short time at a job, or there has been a time gap in your weekly reporting.

To Begin:

  •  Go to .
  • On this first page you will see a heading that says “Welcome to the Unemployment Department.” Underneath is a short descriptive paragraph along with some links. Click the one that says “File for a Week of Unemployment Benefits.”
  • Now you will have to make a more particular selection of the type of filing you will be doing. You could start a new claim, restart a claim, or check the status of a claim. Since you are looking to restart a claim, click that link. You may also click the “Help” button if you need assistance or more information.
  • Read the text that displays very carefully. This provides some insight on how to fill out your claim as well as the importance of making sure everything you report is accurate. Select whether or not you would like them to display your social security number (you can hide if for security purposes if you’d like) and then hit “I Understand – Continue.”
  • To restart your claim, make sure:
    • You have your social security number and PIN on hand
    • Information regarding your employment since the last time you filed, such as contact information, dates, and earnings.
    • If you have everything together, type in your social security number in the box provided and hit “Continue.”
    • You will be guided through the rest of the process from here to restart your claim. Make sure to follow the on screen instructions carefully.

Oregon is happy to provide you with such services to make filing for benefits of obtaining more information easy and hassle-free. If you have any questions, please contact someone from the department and they can assist you.

Replay At CA Lottery Online

Everyone knows that the chances of winning the lottery are slim, and that the odds aren’t exactly stacked in the players’ favor. But a lot of people like to play anyway, because if you don’t play then you definitely can’t win. Plus, if and when that big day comes, it’s almost always a huge amount of cash! But what about all those times you didn’t win? Unless you won on your first try, chances are you have some old lottery tickets that, if possible, you’d like to get some use out of. Well, you’re in luck!

To Begin?

  • Visit
  • When you navigate to the web page you will notice that it mentions the idea of a “2nd chance.” This means that you can actually replay some of your lottery tickets for another chance to make some money!
  • To get started, look over on the left side of the screen where you see a number of links. Under “2nd Chance” click the very first link “Replay”.
  • You see the description, which explains that you can enter your losing scratcher tickets into a new drawing and win a different prize. To do this, click “How to enter.”
  • If you are already a member, all you have to do is sign in to play. Then you can enter your scratcher’s ticket ID and entry code into the boxes for submission. Every ticket you submit will automatically be entered into at least two drawings!
  • If you need to sign up, hit “sign in or sign up.” On the sign in page click “Create a New Account.”

All You Have To Do Is Type In:

  • Your email
  • Your password
  • Choose a security question
  • Once done click “next” button.

You are good to go! Entering into the category at the CA lottery is easy to do, and gives you more chances to win! 10 people will win $1,000 every quarter! Now that you are signed up you will gain access to a number of other great lottery resources. Explore the website and compete in some of the drawings to learn more!

Access Sunbiz E-file Account Application Online

The Florida Department of State Division of Corporations allows certain services to be completed online. You can file for limited partnership, general partnership, corporate, Limited Liability Company, annual report, fictitious name, and reinstatement filings.


  • An internet connection.
  • Access to a printer.
  • A check for the appropriate amount to send in with the deposit form.
  • However if you want to file an application, you first need to sign up for an account with the department. To start, you will have to click on the e-file services link from the website.
  • On the page you will see a lot of information regarding the functions you can complete through the online program. The first thing to do is print the Account Application as well as the account deposit slip. Links to both of these documents are available on this page.
  • Once you have printed these forms, fill them out to the best of your ability. Send a check for a minimum $300 along with the forms, to the address shown on the application.
  • Once your account has been set up you will see that it functions much like a debit account. You can now use your account for any number of the services listed above.


  • Make sure you have calculated the exact amount of money you will need to send it with the deposit slip before going through the process. This way you won’t realize later that it is more expensive than you expected.
  • Test your printer before trying to print out the forms. If there is a mistake in the connection or your printer has not been set up properly it could slow down the process significantly. If you do not have a printer, try visiting your local library.

The online options from the Department of State make taking care of all your related needs easy and convenient.  Now that your account is set up there should be no delay in continuing with your filing goals.

Get Georgia COMPASS Food Stamp Benefits Online

This is also known and called as the common access point to the social services and this is the resource on the internet made by the department of the human services of Georgia to aid persons discover what services of human may be obtainable to them. The benefits comprise temporary cash and the food help, help of the home energy, child support, and health care as well, including the child care, assistance for elderly persons, and drug abuse and mental health services. Using website of the COMPASS, you can discover if you’re eligible for the benefits and after this apply for these benefits.


  • Applying for the benefits on the internet with this site is free and this can be completed anywhere and anytime if you’ve the computer system with the internet connection.
  • If you are the resident of the Georgia State then you can apply for the food stamps benefits

Detailed instructions

  • First of all you should visit the official website of this company at the
  • After this website opens, click on the button which is marked as am I eligible
  • Read all the information carefully and after reading the information click on the button which is marked as Next
  • After this select the benefits program food stamps and click the button Next to go to the next step of the application
  • Read information about type of the benefits you’ve chosen and after this click on Next button
  • Indicate where you’re applying from, after this indicate how you’re utilizing COMPASS and after this click on a button Next
  • Type in the personal information and then click the button Next
  • Type in all the information about the assets you have and bills you’ve to pay
  • When you ended the application then submit this over internet and you’ll contact about next steps which you should take by department of the human services of Georgia.
  • You’ll get the EBT card of food stamps few days after the application of the benefits is approved. If you would like to check status of the application, then just click on a button which is marked as application status check.


The Georgia COMPASS makes applying for the benefits procedure very easy, by facilitating you to perform this all on internet and keep the work as you do, so you really can discontinue whenever you require to. 

Manage Your Banana Republic Card Online

Banana Republic is an online store issuing credits for their customers. They provide online usable credit cards for the customers and assign extra benefits for them. It is about a good system that raises the reputations of Banana Republic Store. They also offer a free shipping facility for the customers when the purchase amount exceeds $50. The store is actually part of GAP Inc and the service enriches with 600 stores around the globe.

Credit Card

Credit card is a great help anywhere not only for the online shopper but you can use a credit card for various needs in your daily activities. Although credit card carry a meaning full definition to ease our life style and activities ignoring bank formalities but some credit cards are special in nature. The credit card that is provided by the clothing store Banana Republic is valid to use on their products and the affiliate companies. Affiliate denotes the companies are authorized to take orders placed using the credit card issued by Banana Republic.  There are vendors affiliated with Banana Republic. The Gap, Athleta, Piperlime, and Old Navy are few affiliated companies where you can place your orders using Banana Republic credit Card.

Credit Card Service Checkout

Having a credit card in hand calls up for skillful management of the funds you use from the card.  So, you must be looking for a smart way to access your account easily and portably. In this case a merchant account or an account in the Banana Republic web site might be appreciative. Below, the steps of managing your account are described properly.


  1. You must have an account for credit card from Banana Republic
  2. You need a computer with internet connection to access your account.


  1. Visit the link:
  2. Find the web site and follow the link.
  3. Enter your Id in the member login box and then click on the button login.
  4. Then validate your information you’ve used for the card and continue forward.
  5. You can select your security question and go forward.
  6. After that you can use an avatar or image for security authorization.
  7. And then continue further to complete your registration and validation as a member in the web site.

The web site is featured from the Banana Republic Store and they call it CARDMEMBER ACCOUNT SERVICES. You can add another authorized user in the account and have a smart managing system paying your bills and redeem the rewards.