Get Registered At DMV Identity Management Portal Online

If you own a car, motorcycle, or other drivable vehicle in the state of California, chances are you’ve made at least one trip to the DMV. The Department of Motor Vehicles is helpful for all sorts of motor-related tasks, such as getting a license, new license plates, obtaining or transferring registration, or taking tests to qualify for certain levels of license. Some services are also available by going to their website.

How To Register?

  • Visit . you will see a myriad of links that will take you to a variety of resources, tools, and other information.
  • Specifically, you may notice on the right-hand side a heading that reads, “Identity Management Portal.” Some of you may need to take advantage of this service. Of course you can’t if you aren’t registered, so you should register now.
  • Under the words LOGIN/REGISTER, click “Register Here.”
  • You will have to input a list of material on the next page to make sure registration is complete. First you will have to create a user ID and password. You also need to enter information such as your email and date of birth, as well as select and answer a variety of security questions. These questions will protect your account in case you lose or forget login information.
  • Of course they will need some more specific figures to verify your identity, such as your social security number and certain numbers off of your driver’s license.
  • You might have certain areas in which you are interested, such as news pertaining to truck drivers, or maybe just general updates.
  • Fill out all of the information and verify that everything is 100% accurate. You will not be able to correctly create an account if the site is misinformed! When this is done, hit “Register.”

Now you can access everything that comes with the Identity Management Portal. If you ever have questions or need assistance on a particular motor vehicle related subject, contact a representative or visit your nearest branch. It is always helpful to allot some time when visiting a branch, as sometimes they can get overcrowded and wait times become long. The more prepared you can be when you visit the better as well. Hopefully you have been satisfied with your experiences and find the website helpful and convenient!

Access Ford Owner To Get Your Rebate Online

People who shop with this company will have the opportunity to take advantage of a great number of services and benefits after making their purchase. You will be able to access coupons and rebates in addition to saving on common charges such as tires and oil changes. When you become a Ford Owner you can save big! If you know that you will be able to use a rebate from a purchase you have made, you will have to go online to redeem it. But don’t worry – it’s easy to do!

How To Access?

  • To start, go to .
  • Once you’ve navigated there, take a minute to check out all the features the company offers. You can see many of them just from this page. For example, you could get free brake service or sign up for a credit card.
  • If you are ready to redeem your rebate, find the section that says GET YOUR REBATES and click “Click to get started.” Notice that you can also check the status by clicking on the link right below the first button.
  • All you have to do is submit an online rebate request. To get started, type in the date of service for the product of service for which you would like the rebate.
  • Next, type your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). There are numerous documents on which you can find this, such as your vehicle registration, title, insurance documents and finance statements. It’s also on the side of your vehicle between the windshield and dashboard.
  • Lastly type your servicing dealer. You can search for the exact one by either inputting the name of the dealership or entering the location. Once you have put everything in and verified that it is correct, click “Continue”.
  • You will be taken through the remainder of the process to earn your rebate. Be patient, as it sometimes takes a little bit of time for you to get your money back. But it’s worth it!

Thank you for shopping with Ford and becoming an owner of one of their products. They are dedicated to fully satisfying their customers, and they hope that these online savings and discount services will help do the trick!