Access USPS To Manage Your Move

USPS allows you to view, update or cancel your order and even change of address order you already submitted whether online or at a Post Office.
Fill in the information with required data and submit your information.
• Go to link from your web browser to get started.
• Provide the information needed to complete the action. Enter confirmation code you have received via email if you submitted your form online. The code is printed in the change of address order confirmation if you sent form at a Post Office.
• Provide your new ZIP code.
• Press “Submit” button.
Haven’t changed your address yet?
• Press “Submit a Change of Address order online” link to continue.
• Read privacy act statement and click “Continue” button.
• Choose whether your move is permanent or temporary.
• Select the date when you need forward your mail.
• Tell about your move type from individual, family or business.
• Hit “Continue” button.
• Next, you need to provide your name and address information.
• Provide your full legal name.
• Enter your contact information. Provide your email address.
• Re-enter your email address.
• Enter phone number as part of your contact information. Provide your home phone number and mobile phone number.
• Type your old address including street, city, state and ZIP code.
• Next, save your new address.
• Press “Continue” button.
• Complete identity check step.
• Follow on-screen directions to complete the process.
Sign in:
Log in to make more updates.
• Click “Here” to access the login portal directly.
• Already have an account? Sign in now.
• Type username and password to log in.
If you are a new member at this site, welcome! Create your account and start enjoying services and access tools.
• Hit on “Sign Up Now” link to start your registration.
• You have to follow a few steps to complete registration:
Select language preference:
• First, choose a language from the drop-down menu. Set a preferred language for content and email communication.
• Pick a username with a minimum six characters. You can also use your email address.
Enter Security Question:
• First, you need to pick a password for this account. Read instructions carefully to make a passcode.
• Your password must have minimum eight characters in length. Don’t use the username to create a key.
• Retype your password to avoid mistakes.
• Select security questions:
• Answer two secret questions. Click the down arrow to choose a question.
• Enter your answer.
• Retype your reply.
• Select the second item from next menu.
• Type answer and repeat it for verification.
Choose Account Type:
There are two options: personal account and business account:
Personal Account: choose the account if you are interested in services for your home such as mail a package, order stamps, renew a Mail Box and more.
• Complete the online form with your name and contact information.
• Type your name: select the title and provide first name, M.I., last name, and suffix.
• Enter your phone: provide a primary phone number and cell number.
• Enter your email address.
• Retype your email address.
• Select preferences to get communication
Business Account: select type if you are interested in solutions for your business such as small, medium, large or home-based and complete the form with your information.
Find your address:
You can search by city/state, by address, or you may find a town by code. You will access a list of the postal codes for specific locations. Follow the steps to start your search.
Search by address: you need to enter your address manually in the online form.
• Click the down arrow to choose a country.
• Provide company name, street address, apt/suit/other, city, state, and ZIP code.
• Click “Verify Address” blue button.
Search by postal code: Provide a valid United States Code.
• Enter your ZIP code.
• Hit on “Search” button and system will get an accurate address for you.
Account Services:
Use your account to:
• Set a preferred language
• Request a Package Pickup
• Manage PO Boxes
• File domestic insurance claims
• Buy stamps and shop
• Print customs forms online
• Print shipping labels
• View favorites
• Search store
• Government services,
• Electronic, political and official postal mail.
• Federal government solutions
If the change you need is not available, then cancel the original request and submit a new one.