Get Holt McDougal Online Access

This company is the trade and the educational publisher in United States of the America. it’s headquarter is situated in the Back Bay in Boston, this company publishes materials of the instructional technology, textbooks, reference works, assessments, nonfiction, and the fiction for the both mature persons and the young children.

This company was previously known and called as the Houghton Mifflin incorporation however modified its whole name following year 2007 acquisition of the Harcourt publishing. In the year of the 2010, this was the subsidiary of publishing group and the education media limited, this is the Irish owned and controlled incorporation registered in Cayman Islands and previously known and called as the river deep.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Visit:
  • After reaching this website you should select you’re registering as the student, teacher, or the private individual, and after selecting one of these options click on the button which is marked as the register at the bottom of this web page.
  • Type in the key code in the required field
  • After this type in the first name, middle name, and the last name in the required fields
  • Type in the valid e mail address in the required field, the e mail address is needed for the just the technical support
  • Type in your user name in the required field, your username should have the minimum five characters
  • Type in the password in the required field, your password should have minimum five characters and the numbers
  • After this read all the terms and conditions carefully from this web page and tick on the box to indicate you read and accept the terms and the conditions of this site
  • You should read privacy policy of this website carefully and tick on the box to indicate you read and accept the privacy policy
  • In the last step click on the button which is marked as Continue to complete the registration process, this is really very easy and just takes couple of minutes to complete.


The Holt McDougal online offers access to the books, assessments, and the resources for the teachers and the students on the internet. You can sign up, if your school or district adopted the program of this company.