Access Hilton Team Member Travel Program And Reserve A Hotel Online

Hilton Team Member Travel Program is a prize bundle which encourages the workers of organization to hold the Hilton hotels and rooms at discounted cost. This project is substantial for every one of the representatives whether they are full time or part time workers of the company. You can easily reserve the Hilton hotel by following the given below easy steps.

Basic Pre Requisites:

  • You require operating system with fast speed internet source.
  • You must be a part time or full time Hilton employee working in US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas or Dominican Republic.

What Is The Complete Set Of Instructions To Reserve A Hotel At Hilton Team Member Travel Program?

  • In the first step you have to turn on the operating system and open the web browser to access the website.
  • You are supposed to insert the given URL in the search bar of the browser.
  • After having an access to the official website of the company you have to click on the button labeled as “Begin Here”.
  • You will be asked to provide the full details of your work location.
  • Then you will get the list of many available hotels located in different places and on different dates when they are free.
  • Choose the one which suits you and compare the details which are provided for the every room and then select the one of your choice.
  • A new page will be opened where you have to provide the personal and billing information for reserving the room.
  • In the Last step check in with Human Resource Department of your work station provided with signed travel passport which you need for check in at hotel.