View The World Markets Using Google Finance

Google Inc is a company which develops web based applications for its customers in order to facilitate their life as an internet user. This company offers emailing services, monitoring financial statements and position of the stock market via google finance, location navigation system using google map, online storage of documents and other data using google docs and other storage drives. Google has also developed a social media page which is google plus and a play store where all the applications for android based systems are available online. You can buy these applications by paying through the account you have registered using your Gmail address. This company believes in innovation of products in order to ease life of everyone and bring them the most user friendly interface for every application.


Google finance is a website which offers business firms and organizations to help them with their financial decisions. In order to view a world market of your choice, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the official google finance link which is
  • A market summary is displayed with the help of a chart on top. You can find a list of world markets, currencies and bonds on right window pane on the main page. This website also displays trending and top stories and sector summaries.
  • Under the “World markets” title, click the market of your choice to view its details.
  • This click leads you to a page where percentage raise or fall in the stock market and other details are displayed. The link also displays market progress over time.

You can zoom in to the chart in order to view a detail at a specific time. You can also compare this market with another world market by using the “Compare” option.