Search For An Image On Bing

Bing is a internet search engine which is owned and operated by Microsoft Incorporation. You can search on this web engine in forty different languages by using the translation options on this website. Bing was launched for the first time in 2009 and has gained its fame due to its free availability with Microsoft products and web browsers. You can register yourself on Bing using your Microsoft account. This search engine competes with other search engines in the market such as Google search engine, Ask, yahoo, Yebol and many others. This search engine is ranked among the top 22 web search engines all over the world by Alexa rank.


In order to search for images of your choice using Bing, follow the series of steps given below:

  • Open the official Bing website which is
  • The main web page displays a navigation bar along with a background image of one of the famous locations of the world. This website displays a series of options on top left corner. Click the second option which is “Images” in this menu bar.
  • This click would result in the images offered by Bing. This search engine categorizes images in popular people searches, popular natural searches, popular animal searches and popular wallpaper searches. You can click the category of your choice here.
  • If you want to search on your own and not in these categories, fill the key words in the navigation bar displayed on top of the page.

Search results will be displayed on the basis of priority of results. Just below the navigation bar, a row of options will be displayed. You can further shortlist your search results using these options.