Post A Question In Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Incorporation is a U.S based company which offers a number of online applications and products such as Yahoo messenger, search engine, email service, yahoo news, questions and answers portal and many more. This company has a head quarter in Sunnyvalle, California, U.S. This company came into being in 1994. This company generated revenue of $4.6 billion in 2013. The operating income of this company as recorded in 2013 is $589 million. This means that the company generated billions of dollars of profit. This company has more than 12,000 employees currently who work hard in order to ensure the operating conditions of this company.


In order to post a question in yahoo answers, you can follow the following series of steps:

  • Open the official website if Yahoo which is
  • On the top of this website, find the “Answers” option and click here to visit the questions and answers platform.
  • You can select a category from the window pane displayed on right hand side. You can also view some of the answers and questions on the main screen by clicking the respective question.
  • You can search for a question by entering your query in the navigation bar displayed on top of the main page and click “Search answers” button or “Search web” button.
  • You can ask your own question by entering the question in the window pane given on the right hand side having a title “Ask a question”. Click the “Submit” button in order to submit it after completion. You can also view details of this question by clicking the “Details” button.

You can also click the “Expand” button and sign in to your account in order to view your posted question and its answers in detail.